Portable Generator Buying Guide

Use my independent portable generator review to help you find the right portable generator for your home, boat, RV, campsite, construction site or tailgate. I use my years of equipment experience to explain how to choose a generator and I also review the most popular units on the market.

How to choose the best portable generator:

how to choose the best portable generator

When you're searching for the best portable generator, it's really important to know exactly how much electricity you need to produce to run the tools, appliances, lights or other items you need. You need to know how many electrical watts you'll want from a new portable generator.

Why? Because the size - and price - of the best portable generators on the market are largely dependent upon the maximum amount of electricity they can produce.  The more electricity a gas generator or diesel generator can produce, the bigger the price tag....... Read More

What's the best home generator to have when the power goes out?

what's the best home generator to have when the power goes out?

If you're looking for the best home generator to have if your power goes out, I'll share tips on what to look for so you can choose wisely. After all, if you're going to invest in the best home generator for your family, you'll want to make sure you get the highest value from your hard earned money.

You'll see that there are natural gas generators, diesel generators, propane gas generators and diesel generators to choose from. It's a lot to think about! 

Generators are ideal for homeowners who want to keep electricity running to important appliances and fixtures if there's a blackout. You can tuck them away, in your garage, and just roll the portable generator out when you need it...... Read More

You can check out my #1 portable home generator pick: the DuroMax XP10000EH available on Amazon.

What is a Generator Transfer Switch - and do I need one?

Did you know you also need a transfer switch to hook up your small portable generator to your home circuits?

Don't worry, many people who buy a portable generator or stand by generator don't always know that they need a generator transfer switch to deliver the power from your generator to your electrical panel. And, no, generally speaking, generator transfer switches are not included with a generator.

I'll share a few easy ways to find out what style and size generator transfer switch is correct for your own electrical panel.......................... Read More

And you can see my best generator transfer switch recommendation: the Reliance Controls 31410CRK  transfer switch available on Amazon.

What are the best Honda portable generators to choose?

one of the best honda portable generators to choose

Are you looking for the best Honda generators on the market? If you're like me, I like power equipment that features Honda engines. Honda has a great reputation for quality & reliability.

And if you're going to invest in a generator, you need to take a few minutes to learn more about the two main styles of the best Honda portable generators: inverter generators and portable generators.......  Read More

My top pick for a Honda generator for your home, during a blackout, is the Powermate 8750 with Honda GX390 engine on Amazon. Here's why:

This Powermate 8750 will give you 8750 max/7000 running watts with a low-oil shutdown safety features on the 13 HP Honda GX390 OHV gas engine. This Powermate 8750 also has a built-in control panel with four 120V outlets, one 120/240V twistlock outlet and circuit breaker protection too.  And, despite it's power, it's still fuel efficient, and will run up to 12.3 hours at 50% load!

You can check Amazon's price on the Powermate 8750 with Honda GX390 engine.

my generator noise reduction tips

Yes, generators are noisy!

The biggest complaint I here about most electric portable generators is that they're so loud! And that's true. Although your generator is a god-send when you have a blackout, their loud noise can drive you and your neighbors crazy. And if you live in an urban or suburban area, you really need to be careful, because there are probably generator noise ordinances in your area.

But there are some things you can to get genuine generator noise reduction. I'll talk about how to use inexpensive acoustic lining, enclosures or a new exhaust to get quick generator noise reduction...... Read More

Best Portable Diesel Generator Choices

portable gas generator vs portable diesel generator

When you're comparing gas generators, you might have wondered what the best portable diesel generator choice are.

The best portable diesel generators are becoming more popular with homeowners. Diesel generators generally last twice as long as gas generators, they're almost maintenance free and diesel generators run quieter (lower decibels) than gas generators.

And another huge advantage of diesel generators is that they produce cleaner, more stable electricity that you can safely use for computers, flat screened TV's, etc. Yes, portable diesel generators have a lot of advantages for homeowners.

You can read my reviews of the best portable diesel generators, including tips on sizing a portable diesel generator ...........Read More

And you can see my #1 portable diesel generator pick: the Generac 6864 available on Amazon.